Sir John Hegarty: Top 10 Ways to be Creative

10 Ways to be Creative


1. Be fearless – be single minded in the face of opposition

2. Keep it simple – don’t try to say or do too many things at once

3. Stop thinking, start feeling -creativity is driven by the heart, we respond more to emotions than logic

4. Get angry – channel the things that annoy/upset you into more creative tasks rather than getting stressed

5. Juxtaposition – don’t be afraid to place two things next to one another that wouldn’t normally sit together – even in your head

6. When the world zigs, zag – look in the opposite direction to everyone else

7. Avoid cynics – they drain your confidence – see number one

8. Ask Why? a lot – question everything like a child

9. Philosophy – always be looking, thinking, watching. Absorb everything around you

10. Remove your headphones! – don’t cut yourself off from your environment.



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