Wookenju Coffeebar Brand Identity

A red dot award 2014 winner. Love love love it!

Wookenju Coffeebar, Seoul
Creative Director.  Jonghwan Baek / Sechang Chun
Interior Design.  Wallga Associates & C&Co.
Identity & Graphic Design.  Cheolhee Hwang(Studio FLAG)

Check them out from behance – Studio FLAG.

eafaa50d1de646b712000584aa885a99 5ad81420bb1bf22f322b122cc5b4c9da e1e44d36e740e74d1231d255d552179a 8d2ccbc997ec0f5a95862e800fefc115 d5824d136e1959e39fcc06ced10424ec c9ecfe04a0d936af15e06b72592d45aa c8bda2565c9bafac86a510cbc05ed1dc 00e21db71f98bf1b551336bc8f306f23 40253dfc92424e88446a434dab30a659 b2adcc2f767d2f33706fd4d3ee40c412 61dae60dc5e5efbeb342787f57b0a953 ce23af395601d930dd12764a2ac69e39 420756e385a3453b229f69627c4270b2


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