Ceci n’est pas… 10 exceptions to the rule

day 1: Ceci nest pas de l’art (This is not art)

day 2: Ceci n’est pas une mère (This is not a mother)

day 3: Ceci nest pas de l’amour (This is not love)

day 4: Ceci nest pas le futur (This is not the future)

day 5: Ceci n’est pas de l’histoire (This is not history)

day 6: Ceci n’est pas la nature (This is not nature)

day 7: Ceci n’est pas notre désir (This is not our desire)

day 8: Ceci n’est pas notre peur (This is not our fear)

day 9: Ceci n’est pas mon corps (This is not my body)

day 10: Ceci n’est pas moi (This is not me)

How do you choose a topic you want to make a piece of art about?

For me it is about exposing the assumptions in our thinking. I often choose topics that make me feel uncomfortable; the uncharted ground in my own head. If I notice I have an opinion about something, but cannot clearly express it, then that is the sign to start digging.


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