Millennials in the Workplace. Addiction to Technology

By Simon Sinek. Love it. A short excerpt below but I highly suggest that you watch the whole clip!

“Leaders are asking the Millennials, ‘what do you want?’ And millennials are saying, we want to work in a place with purpose, love that. We want to make an impact. Whatever that means. We want free food and bean bags. And so, somebody articulate some sort of purpose, there’s lots of free food and there’s bean bags, and yet for some reason, they’re still not happy. And that’s because, there’s a missing piece. What I’ve learned is that, I can break it down into four pieces. There are four things. Four characteristics.

  1. Parenting
  2. Technology
  3. Impatience
  4. Environment

The generation, that we call the Millennials, too many of them grew up subject to, not my words, failed parenting strategies. Where, for example, they were told that they were special, all the time. They were told that they could have anything they want in life. Just because they want it. They were told, some of them got into honors classes, not because they deserved it because their parents complained, and some of them got A’s, not because they earned them but because teachers didn’t want to deal with the parents. Some kids got participation medals. You got a medal for coming in last. Right? Which, the science we know is pretty clear, which is that it devalues the medal and the reward for those who actually work hard. And that actually makes the person who comes in last feel embarrassed, because they know they didn’t deserve it so it actually makes them feel worse.”



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