Wise Words. ECD 101.

Never stop creating. You weren’t born to critique.

The best work comes out of the culture – stay connected.

Fresh and shocking beats beautiful and predictable.

Measure your work against the best in the world, not those around you.

Don’t confuse advertising annuals with advertising manuals.

To sell more work, listen more and talk less in client meetings.

Be tough on the work but kind to the people who created it.

Every hour spent making someone better will come back to you ten-fold.

Don’t mistake activity for productivity.

Reward people who experiment.

If you are too excited by the technique, question the idea.

Listen and consider all comments about the work, no matter who they are from.

Never blindly change the work based on those comments, no matter who they are from.

Don’t be embarrassed to have heroes or role models.

Take the time to interview even the most junior candidates – it sends a message that everyone matters and nothing is more important than the people chosen to be part of the team.

Don’t accept change, embrace it.

Never stop believing your best work is ahead of you.

Find opportunities, even small ones, for people to produce work they love.

Don’t complain about the clients – you are now the leader. Work harder to understand them and find a way to do great work that they will run.

Your time is precious – focus on things that will have the biggest impact.

Your ability to concentrate is precious – be disciplined enough to know when to stop texting, tweeting and posting…and put your phone away.

Stand up for what you believe in – if you aren’t the creative conscience of the company, who is?




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